UC is all the Rage, but Voice Minutes are Hot Again…

Unified Communications (UC), for knowledge workers, is all the rage right now. UC enables these folks to work from home relatively easily because this type of phone system enables the ability to offer softphones with your business number, conferencing, collaboration, presence, and mobile phones that also utilize your business phone number. So you can set up at home just as if you are in your office. The internet, whether home WiFi and/or LTE connectivity, is key for this to work well however.

Sometimes a Plain Ol’ Voice Call is what the World Needs

Not everyone is a knowledge worker with access to a UC system or even good internet connectivity, for that matter. And because of what’s going on today, the whole world wants to communicate more than ever. So that means the good old PSTN is there for the using. Certainly for subscriber-to-subscriber, but even for those that have businesses, you are probably taking more regular phone calls. Yes, just a plain, old-school voice call.

Even a regular voice call can do wonders. And, really, even though many of us live in video and have great internet and Unified Communications, we all still just do plain voice calls, probably more than we even realize. And in this new reality out there, many people need to just place phone calls and talk.

So what does this mean?

I do not have the voice minutes data yet, but I do know that for the part of our business that services carriers, we are seeing an uptick in demand for our carrier gateways. That means these customers are seeing an increase in voice minutes and are gearing their networks up to deal with the increased demand.

Sangoma offers IMG gateways, which are the leading lower density service provider gateways on the market. Its small footprint combined with a highly equipped feature set makes it ideal for quickly adding voice capacity to your networks.

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